Reforming Austin’s Anti-Lobbying Ordinance

While the City Council took action in June 2018 to amend Austin’s Anti-Lobbying Ordinance (ALO), TDS continues to advocate for reforms that will fully protect free speech rights and ensure fairness and transparency during the City’s solicitation and contracting process.

Among the key ALO reforms TDS continues to advocate for:

– Eliminating restrictions on free speech and confining ALO-restricted communications to direct, solicitation-specific advocacy;

– Allowing vendors to communicate with City officials and the public about the policy implications of staff-issued solicitations outside of three allotted minutes at a Council or commission meeting; and

– Creating a robust appeals process to give appointed and elected City officials oversight of staff’s enforcement of the ALO.

City of Austin’s Anti-Lobbying Ordinance (ALO) disqualification of TDS overturned by Federal Judge: