Reforming Austin’s Anti-Lobbying Ordinance

TDS is advocating for reform of the City of Austin’s Anti-Lobbying Ordinance (ALO) to protect free speech rights and ensure fairness and transparency during the City’s solicitation and contracting process.

Among the key reforms TDS is advocating for:

– Eliminating illegal restrictions on free speech and confining ALO-restricted communications to solicitation-specific advocacy;

– Allowing vendors to communicate with City officials and the public about the policy implications of staff-issued solicitations;

– Creating an appeals process to give appointed and elected City officials oversight of staff’s enforcement of the ALO; and

– Allowing the City Council to review and approve the administrative rules specifying how the ALO is enforced.


City of Austin’s Anti-Lobbying Ordinance (ALO) disqualification of TDS overturned by Federal Judge: