City of Austin Waste Policy Issues

Texas Disposal Systems is working to ensure that local and state policies impacting waste services are premised on transparency, environmental integrity and fiscal responsibility. In Austin, TDS is a stakeholder in the ongoing City Council Waste Management Policy Working Group reform process, launched in April 2017 after the City Council rejected every waste contract proposed by City staff in 2016.

Of twelve Working Group policy recommendations made in July 2017, none have yet been considered by the full City Council.   This has left large City waste contracts locked down with current contractors, at increased rates, rather than being rebid to improve performance or save money. The most important Working Group recommendation, to reform Austin’s Anti-Lobbying Ordinance to ensure fairness and transparency in the City’s waste contracting process, is expected to be considered by the City Council on 6/14/18.

To learn more about TDS’ history with the City of Austin and concerns about the City’s management of waste, recyclables and compostables under the direction of Assistant City Manager Robert Goode, please review this 10-year chronology detailing Mr. Goode’s ‘control and capture’ management agenda and its detrimental effects on our community.

City Council Waste Management Policy Working Group

TDS is participating in the ongoing Austin City Council Waste Management Policy Working Group process to develop and adopt reform recommendations for ensuring transparency, environmental integrity and financial responsibility in the City’s management of waste, recyclables, organics and other disposal streams. As this time none of the twelve Working Group policy recommendations issued in July 2017 have yet been considered by the full City Council.

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Reforming Austin’s Anti-Lobbying Ordinance

While the City Council chose not to adopt many key stakeholder recommendations, TDS is continuing to advocate for reform of the City of Austin’s Anti-Lobbying Ordinance to protect free speech rights and ensure fairness and transparency during the City’s waste procurement process. The City Council is expected to consider staff-proposed ALO revisions on 6/14/18.

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Reforming Austin’s Landfill Criteria Matrix

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Solicitation / Resolicitation: Beneficial Reuse of Biosolids

Potential 10-year, $20,350,678 contract for beneficial reuse of 100,000+ cubic yards of biosolids produced at the Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant.  RFP CDL2003 and RFP CDL2003 REBID.  As of 6/8/18, more than two years after the initial solicitation was issued, this RFP has been cancelled without explanation.

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Solicitation: Citywide Dumpster Collection Services

Potential 6-year, $16,995,000 contract for non-residential collection services for refuse, recycling, brush, compostable materials, special events, Class 2 special non-hazardous waste and emergency collection services. RFP SLW0514.

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Solicitation: Organics Processing Services

Potential 6-year, $4,360,000 contract for processing, sorting, composting and marketing services for the City’s curbside yard waste, food scraps and food soiled compostable paper materials collected citywide from approximately 210,000 households. RFP SLW0509 REBID.

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Solicitation: Curbside Textile Recycling Services

Potential 6-year contract for the development and implementation of citywide curbside soft textile recyclable materials collection from approximately 192,000 households. RFP SLW0511.

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